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The Fanfiction Corner
Here you will found Fanfics, of course... but only the ones i likee most. In fact they'll be probably the ones i have done/I will do pictures for. I hope you will love them as i do. Happy reading!

By Graham Dawson
Genre: Sci-fi
Format: Script
Size: 96 KB
Uploaded: April 24, 2003
Lisa Squared
"The year is 2028. Lisa and her husband, Matt, are happy to hear of Maggie's engagement. Maggie and Bart go to Lisa's house in Capital City to discuss it. Bart pulls out an old photo album and they look through it. Matt notices a picture of Lisa's twin sister, Suzy, and is immediately curious. Bart convinces Lisa to tell the story".
This is the fic that brought me definitely into Simpsons fantasy fanworks. It's a beautiful work of Sci-Fi, Drama and mistery, and you'll find yourself lost in this "revisited" Simpsons world until the very end... which will probably bring some of you to tears. Graham did a wonderful job with mixing many different styles and charachters without doing compromises. This is really a great SciFi story and, together a touching and all-around wonderful Simpsons story.

By Steven Scott
Genre: Crossover
Format: Script
Size: Not Available
Uploaded: April 24, 2003
Simpson Moon
This script is a damn great crossover, a brilliant comedy and has even a touch of drama (that never hurts) in the final parts.
Whatever you may like, anime or non anime, this SimpMoon has it all... being funny even in parts someone might get easily lost. (I too didn't get some of the references but i still enjoyed the bits...) Imho, the strong poin of this one is the charachterization. Laura shines everywhere and Lisa follows right after. The plot is complex enough for giving the charachter a free range of "personality" and that helps a lot. The plot comes after... mild at start, letting space for setting and jokes. Strong, dramatic and speedy at the end.
All thumbs up! This is indeed worth every second Steve spent on it.

By Jenny Howe
Genre: Drama
Format: Novel
Size: 225 KB
Uploaded: April 26, 2003
Lisa Fitzgerald
"In this alternative reality version of The Simpsons, Lisa is the daughter of an abusive, alcoholic father. After attempting to commit suicide, Lisa is taken in to care and fostered by The Simpson family, and has to learn how to live again."
Jenny never believed much in this novel, but everyone who readed it had to admit this is not only one of the best (if not the best) Simpsons story ever written, but a praise deserving piece of literature too. The drama is overwhelming, and so is the emotion brought by Jenny's writing. If this was an actual episode, or better, a movie, i'd rank it at the same level of my fav ever, Lisa's Substitute. It will make you cry, will make you laugh, it will become a part of you.

By Rich Wilson
Genre: Crossover/Drama
Format: Novel
Size: 504 KB
Uploaded: May 17, 2003
Full Life wo Sagashite
As Lisa has to deal with her impending death, we are thrown in a whirlwind of emotions and laughs with this fantastic crossover from Rich Wilson. Even if you don't know the original anime, and even if you don't know anime at all, this fic will have a hold on you until the very end, despite its lenght. As i said it, the plot is a bit weird, but saying even a word more would be spoiling it. And actually, the plot isn't the issue here. The thing that will leave you impressed in reading this fic will be the balance beteen comedy and drama, and the strong and wonderfully handled charachterization of everyone that takes part in the story, from Lisa and Marge, to the Shinigamis, to Dr. Hibbert and Sideshow Bob. I can't go on gushing about it so much, so just read it. You won't be disappointed.

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