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This was a very big update, and I have little strength left in me to talk much about it in this space, but I shall try my best!
First of all, as the title reads, I'm back to square zero. My long period of inactivity rusted me up so I'm trying to get back sketching as you saw in the first days of SR, I need to get my hand back and see if I still have what it takes. For now, you can see some new sketches in the WiP gallery! As for contributors goes, there are just too many to list here... a lot of people had their galleries updated, with added pictures or added comments: yes, I have finally managed to comment ALL the pictures that are up on SR. :) So I suggest you all to go take a look and see the new stuff that's been added.
Last but not least, we have another artist in our ranks, so all welcome Fulbert!

June 16, 2007

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